Aug 16, 2012

Fedex SmartPost vs. UPS Shipping

I am expecting two shipments in one order from (free stuff agan because of Swagbucks I know I said was going to post about it lol). One package was sent through UPS and the other package through Fedex Smartpost. It is very interesting to compare the two shipping services as both couriers shipped my items on the same date. So in real time I can compare their services.

I track both packages on - an all-in-one tracking tool for all shipments and what I love about this site is that it includes a visual route of a package using Google Maps. It's a cool way of understanding where and how far your package is. For me, a picture or an illustration is easier to understand than mere updates like scan updates, etc. Below are the screenshots from of my shipment tracking info.

Fedex SmartPost route originated in Indianapolis, IN. Photo insert is the item to be delivered.

UPS route originated in Louisville, KY.  Photo insert is the item to be delivered.

The green computer icons are the shipment scans. As you can see UPS route is slightly further compared to Fedex's route but as of this writing my item from UPS is to be delivered today while Fedex tomorrow based on the tracking details. However, USPS received my item yesterday so I might receive today we'll see.

Here is what I figured out SmartPost takes longer because they utilize USPS which does their own tracking and sorting time so time between that is critical as to when you would actually receive your package. Bottom-line is or any business that uses SmartPost are the ones that fully gain the advantage not the customers.


  1. UPS Mail Innovations use the USPS as well, and that is where both companies cut cost and efficiency! I have had things that get to the USPS and completely disappear for days at a time. Every time that I would go and try to get an explanation, I would get an automated response! So I switched to Direct Home, and while they are not the most famous shipping company, they at least are competent! When I have a serious issue to deal with, home direct complaints are answered quickly and problems resolved.


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