May 25, 2012

A big leap of faith

 I grew up going to airport waiting areas to either meet or see off my mom, aunts, their husbands, and cousins. I've had always wondered what it's like to be behind departure doors, take care of luggage and all airport transactions for the flight. I thought it must be exciting to board a plane, leave to a different country... leave everything behind instead of being left behind.

Leap of faith

Six months ago I took a leap of faith and was aboard this plane. A choice that changed my life in just 24 hours. I remember the mixed emotions and I was right it was exciting to do all the airport stuff, however it felt odd that I'd be the one leaving this time. Excited and sad at the same time.

Anyways, I arrived right in the middle of Fall so it was very cold for me. That was the major adjustment I had to deal with and I hated the bitter winter coldness. It was the mildest winter I experienced so imagine that.. Pfffft.

Half a year away and am still adjusting to everything... Taking it all one at a time. My new life now  is like a blank sheet of paper waiting for me to write on and I hope to write good things on it.


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