Jul 18, 2012

Amazon.com Free Super Saver Shipping Review

I am excited to receive my first and free Amazon.com order. Free because I used Amazon gift cards I snagged from Swagbucks. I will have to post about how I got free gift cards and what Swagbucks is. But for now I want to share my experience with Amazon's shipping service -- the Free Super Saver Shipping (SSS). It's free shipping when you order eligible products that reach at least $25.

As you know, it was my first time to place an order online so I'm pretty excited in receiving it. I tried to combine items to take advantage of the Free Super Saver Shipping but I ended up redoing my orders until I settled for one and placed an order on July 10, 2012. The delivery estimate is on July 19, 2012 as shown on the picture below based on my Amazon.com order summary.

I learned that Amazon.com uses various carriers like the USPS, Fedex, UPS and a regional carrier in the area.  For the Free Super Saver Shipping Amazon utilizes Fedex SmartPost where the final delivery is serviced by the USPS. I searched reviews about SSS and Fedex SmartPost most of them are negative reviews -- not a good impression for me. Although I had to give the shipping services benefit of the doubt because a free shipping is obviously going to take days or weeks. If you want free, be ready to wait. Duh.

Anyways, I have been checking the shipping status since it was shipped the next day July 11, 2012 (hooray!) The screenshot below is from Fedex tracking page. So my package just got forwarded to USPS today but I wasn't pleased with the adjusted delivery date a day later than the original delivery date. I don't like how Fedex adjusted the delivery date and still indicate it's on schedule.

I tracked it on USPS site and below is the screenshot. Maybe my package will arrive on time after all. Now it's in the hands of USPS. We'll see...... This post won't be a complete review until I receive my package.

Update: I received my order ON TIME! Yahooo! I was so happy and satisfied with the Free Super Saver Shipping from Amazon. It took 7 days excluding Sunday. So far so good I'm definitely using their free shipping again.


  1. I quit ordering from Best Buy because they use smart post, and have been using Amazon since. Now that Amazon is using smart post I will find other ways of ordering things.

  2. Thanks for your comment. SmartPost seems to be more cost-efficient for the business but not efficient for the customers. That's the catch for getting "Free"


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