Apr 30, 2012

Memorex SingStand™: Karaoke Home System

Filipinos love to sing and a karaoke system at home is a common electronic device to own. But I have had always wondered if there was such a device that would enable my computer to become a karaoke machine instead of buying a CD player with karaoke system. It would just take up space and I would have to buy karaoke CDs  -- more expenses then.

The Memorex SingStand™ was the answer for me! It's innovative and doesn't take up space.

I love how you can connect your iPod or any MP3 Player to it and you can sing your heart out to your favorite songs.

At the base are the speakers, controls and line-in connections. I am using the SingStand™ as my PC speakers which has crisp sound I love so much!

Here are the complete list of the product features:
  • Sing along with music from iPod device or any MP3 device with headphone jack with 3.5mm line-in connection
  • Auto Voice Control (AVC) is your built-in vocal guide
  • Enhanced vocal effects with echo
  • Powerful speakers built into base (Two 4W speakers)
  • Connect keyboard to play with band
  • Cable management clips
  • Dual microphone inputs for singing duets (one dynamic microphone included)
  • Keyboard input

  • Microphone / digital audio player holder (audio line in cable)
  • Dynamic 10ft. corded microphone
  • 3pc adjustable pole

Visit the site at SingStand™


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