May 23, 2012

Introducing a new cat

This post is about Spider's progress as he adjusts in our home. Introducing a cat to its new home is stressful for it especially if you don't understand their needs.

I have had searched articles and tips on how to introduce cats into the house. Here is one article I read:
I didn't and couldn't follow all the tips but it was helpful in understanding cats' behavior.

Day 1 - Spider was very scared and skittish; he was able explore the whole house though; he hid a lot; hissed at the towel which has Ninja's scent.
Spooky Spider!
Day 2 - Spider survived his first night. He seems to hide in the basement, still a little skittish
Day 3 - Both cats have been touching noses in greeting; unsuccessful attempts in sniffing Ninja's butt; Spider's hissing stopped
Day 4 - Spider walks around the house casually; placed both bowls of cat food across each other
Day 5 - More nose touching in friendly greeting; Spider still tries to sniff Ninja's butt (LOL!)
Day 6 - Both cats are familiar with each other's scent and can be close to each other

Day 7 - Spider has been running around the house and is now comfortable with his new home
Day 8 - Starting today they share a bowl of cat food and so far no growling or hissing

Day 9 - Successful butt sniffing! Well, Spider did it while Ninja was busy eating
Day 15 - They chase each other playfully. Yay!

We're so glad both cats are getting along quite well. They're not yet buddy-buddies but I'm sure it'll happen soon.


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